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Discover some cool articles offered by

Discover some cool articles offered by A Guy In Sneakers

EAN13 barcodes with excel

A message from the company A Guy In Sneakers
You already have Barcode EAN13 Type.

Download the EAN13 Font and Excel File that you can use to have EAN13 in Barcode Format. 
To buy this file, click on the Paypal Button Below.

Price : 3.50 €


Automatic macro EAN13 Barcode :


You want to be able to generate EAN13 type barcodes in any Excel file from a single code or from a complete list without having to manipulate any calculation formula or macro-programming. This program should interest you. Discover the video presentation and do not hesitate to acquire this little wonder of simplicity.

Price :  10.00 €
 A reasonable price to simplify your life !!!!

 Excel EAN13 - Automatic Generation of Bar Codes

You need to create your own Barcode EAN13 Type.

Dowload the EAN13 Font and Excel File who can generate by one clic much Barcode That you need. 
New : You can henceforth generate Barcode on the logic order (* Except the control Key calculate with the 12 others numbers). 
To buy this file, click on the Paypal Button Below.

Price : 5.50 €

 The Macro-complementary All automatic barcodes.


You want to obtain barcodes in Excel but the VBA macro-programming scares you? This kit is made for you !

This pack allows you to obtain a macro-complement allowing you to create all types of bar codes in Excel (EAN13, Code 3 of 9, all types of bar code 128).
The GS1_128_B function present in this pack is compatible with the new UDI standard.

What is a macro-complementary ? It is a file containing programming macros which can be added very easily in Excel. Thus concerning this pack, you can benefit from all macros barcodes, without knowing anything about macro programming Excel. What's more, this additional file is not included in a single file but in Excel software. As a result, you can generate barcodes in any of your excel files without having to be there insert this or that macro each time.
In short, the additional CodeBarre macro allows you to generate barcodes of all types in any Excel file without having any knowledge of macro visual basic Excel programming.

Top of the comfort, you can by clicking on the link below download the installation instructions (also available in the downloaded pack) and thus judge if you feel capable of carrying out the installation yourself).

You are sure of yourself, take the 8€ pack and do the installation yourself.

You have a doubt about your ability to carry out this installation, the 15 € pack will allow you to benefit from an installation by us directly on your own computer and this remotely thanks to the secure connection offered by the Team software .

I'm going to install the macro add-in myself.
 I wish to be contacted for an installation appointment.
Price : 15 €
Price : 30 €

 QRCode generator with Excel

Generate QRCode with Excel

This download allows you to generate QRCode in Excel File. You can inquire Item, Phone Number, Professionnal Card, Email Adress etc... To use this file, you need have an internet connection. 
To buy this file, click on the Paypal Button Below.
New : you can generate a list of QRCode.

Price : 5.50 €

3 de 9 Code with Excel

 An alternative to EAN13 codes - Enables Numeric and Alphabetical

Manage your codes in code39 format with Excel 

This download allows you to obtain the Code39 writing font and an Excel file allowing to obtain displayable and scannable Code39 bar codes. Unlike the EAN13 codes, the 39 codes allow to contain text data in addition to numerical value, this is why code39 is a more flexible alternative than EAN13 codes in the management of databases for internal use.

Price : 3.50 €

128 Code with Excel

Including : Code-128-A, Code-128-B, Code-128-C, GS1-128-A, GS1-128-B, GS1-128-C

The GS1_128_B fonction is compatible with the new UDI norms.

Using Code128 barcode with Excel

This download allows you to generate barcode 128 Type in Excel in Data format and no picture.
This compress folder contains all visual basic codes for all type of 128 Barcode. 

(Code-128-A, Code 128-B, Code-128-C, GS1-128-A, GS1-128-B, GS1-128-C).

This excel file can automatically generate barcode with a datebase of numeric code. 

Every code is present in text file that you can use and insert in any Excel File. A tutorial explain step by step how you can insert this visual basic code in a Excel file. 

Price : 5.50 €
English Visual

 Barcode generator and self-adhesive labels

You want to easily generate bar codes and self-adhesive labels with EAN13 bar codes :

Download the EAN13 font as well as an already functional Excel file allowing you to generate as many EAN13 code as you want, or to use official bar codes validated by the GS1 organization. Then generate self-adhesive labels easily, according to the desired number (This program is adaptable on request in case you want to add columns of the type Size, Price, Stock, etc ... Use the contact tab for any request) .

Possibility to configure any format of labels on request. 
News: Possibility of importing a list of designations and automatically generating a list of barcodes via the button "Generate Barcodes" and generation of Labels in PDF format.

 If you already have barcodes and just want to print labels look at the following download.

Price: 9.90 €

 Label Generator with Bar Codes

You want to easily generate self-adhesive labels with EAN13 bar codes for your products but you already have bar codes :

Download the EAN13 font as well as an already working Excel file allowing you to generate self-adhesive labels to put on your products. You can enter a designation, a price, a size and of course the code bar of your product and then in just a few clicks print as many self-adhesive labels as necessary. The program is set by default for labels in roll format 54mmx101mm but on request we can readjust the format '' adapts to your needs and your printer.
Possibility to configure any format of labels on request.

Price : 7.00 €

 Tailor-made at this price, why do without it ?


Generate your QR Codes labels with Excel:

This download allows you to generate QRCodes in an Excel file. Once this is done, you can then generate labels with your QR Codes. New: possibility to enter a number of desired labels. Label format modifiable on request *. This program requires an Internet connection. New: Several formats available.
Language available: French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish.

* See the General Conditions of Sale.

Price : 9.90 €