Last Update 11/11/2020
Guillaume Grasset
Hello !!

I'am Guillaume Grasset, alias A Guy In Sneakers. 

Un Mec En Baskets is a small business near Niort in Deux Sèvres ... Les Deux Sèvres, don't you know? It is a French department, in the southwest of France considered as ... and indeed as rural !! And so, we can live in the countryside and offer modern and efficient services!

Besides, do you know why and how a small company based in the French countryside can have customers in all these countries?

Because solutions that simplify your life, save you time and that, without breaking the bank, should have no borders.

This is also why you are more than one thousand to date to have trusted the company Un Mec En Baskets and this all over the world and more and more have renewed it by entrusting us with your projects.

For this, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart because I know that trust is something oh so difficult to give and especially on the internet.

This is why, moreover, I am available to all to answer questions and give you the attention that everyone deserves, because one of the values ​​I want to highlight is above all proximity, unlike all these multinationals. on which it is impossible to put a name or a face. 

In short, you need me, you have a question about my programs or my solutions and I'm here to answer you.

Again Thank you all and see you soon !!


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